Introduce yourself to the Python programming language.


Python Programming: Beginner 100%Learn the basics of Python, the programming language of choice for data analysis.

  • Python basics 100%Learn the basics of variables, functions, and lists in Python.
  • Files and loops 100%Learn how to work with files and loops while working with crime rates data.
  • Booleans and if statements 100%Learn about Booleans and if statements to express conditional logic.
  • List operations 100%Learn about list slicing and searching lists while analyzing weather data.
  • Dictionaries 100%Learn about dictionaries and branching conditionals while finding patterns in LA weather.
  • Introduction to functions 100%Learn how to create functions to build a spell checker.
  • Customizing functions and debugging errors 100%Learn how to create more advanced functions and about the types of errors while building a spell checker.