Calculate number of births by day in the United States of America for the years 1994 - 2003 using Jupyter notebook
** This is the first guided project i did from (thanks Vik)

The dataset of this project is taken from the Centers for Disease control AND Prevention's National Center for health Statistics. The structure of the dataset is described below :

- `year` (1994 to 2003)
- `month` (1 to 12)
- `date_of_month` Day number of the month (1 to 31)
- `day_of_week` Day of week (1 to 7)
- `births` Number of births that day

** Instructions

Write a code that returns a dictionary containing the total number of births for each unique day of the week.

the original dataset can be found here:

just in case download  dataset   ----------------> here  <----------------------------

The project is available at my github (jupyter format,  etc)